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Sourcing and Hiring IT Candidates for Hospital EHR Systems

by | Jan 31, 2023 | For Companies

Step foot into any hospital and quickly you will be faced with someone asking for personal information to enter into an electronic health record system. 

These EHR systems allow hospitals to store and access patient information electronically, improving the efficiency and quality of care. However, for EHR systems to function properly, hospitals need to have a skilled IT team in place to manage and maintain them. In this blog, we will explore some of the key IT positions that are in high demand for hospitals and the best practices for sourcing and hiring the right candidates.

Key IT Positions

EPIC Analyst

An EPIC Analyst is one of the most sought-after IT roles in hospitals. One of the most frequently used and widely adaptable systems in the healthcare sector, the EPIC EHR system, is implemented and maintained by these people. To configure and tailor the EPIC system to the particular requirements of the hospital, they must possess a thorough understanding of it. They should also be able to train hospital staff members on how to utilize the system and offer continuous assistance.

Technical Solutions Engineer

Another in-demand IT position for hospitals is the Technical Solutions Engineer. These professionals are responsible for designing and implementing technology solutions that meet the needs of the hospital. They work closely with hospital staff, IT teams, and vendors to ensure that the technology is functioning properly and is meeting the needs of the hospital. They must have a strong understanding of technology and the ability to think creatively to solve problems.

Software Developers

Software Developers are also in high demand for hospitals and large medical organizations, they are responsible for designing and developing software systems, such as EHR systems, telemedicine platforms, and patient monitoring systems. This role requires a deep understanding of programming languages and the ability to think creatively to solve problems.

Landing Top Candidates

When it comes to sourcing and hiring IT candidates for hospital EHR systems, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the specific skills and qualifications which are required for each position. Posting job openings on job boards, professional associations, and company career pages can be an effective way to reach a large pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, reaching out to local universities and technical schools to recruit recent graduates can also be a great way to find talented IT professionals.

Another effective way to find top candidates is to leverage your current employees’ professional networks. Employee referrals can be a great source of qualified candidates, and many companies offer referral bonuses to incentivize employees to refer their colleagues.

When evaluating candidates, it’s important to assess not only their technical skills but also their communication and collaboration skills. These are critical for success in a hospital setting, where IT professionals must work closely with other departments and stakeholders.

In conclusion, having a capable IT staff in place to administer and maintain EHR systems is critical for the smooth operation of hospitals. Hospitals are in strong demand for a number of essential IT professions, including EPIC Analyst, Technical Solutions Engineer, and Software Developers. It is important to have a comprehensive grasp of the particular skills and qualities needed for sourcing and hiring IT candidates for hospital EHR systems. This can be successfully completed through job advertisements, university recruiting, and employee referrals. It’s crucial to evaluate candidates’ teamwork and communication skills in addition to their technical expertise.