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We are defining a new culture of hiring.

Recruitment is more than a process of streamlined hiring strategies and impressive technology to help us be more efficient in our work. Our team of strong recruiters is dedicated to re-imagining the behaviors, beliefs, values, and normalcies our world has when it comes to hiring. Our team is working to ensure that hiring is no longer just a quick process but an efficient one. 

Our team finds the right candidate the first time.

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How are we successful?

We use the latest AI technology and combine it with our proven, strategic recruitment processes to bring you the right candidate the first time.

Our certified staff continually engages in personal and professional development opportunities that provide you with a hand above your competitors.

We not only source candidates, we counsel them to be successful in their job search, interviews, and hiring.

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We are unlike any other place you’ve worked before.

Become a Recruiter at Engage

While we might not play swanky jazz music in the hallways or have a kitchen fridge stocked with beer (or maybe we do…), defining a new culture of hiring begins with our team of strong recruiters. Our success in the recruitment space only comes from having recruiters who care deeply for their clients and job candidates. 

We are highly selective with the recruiters who join our team because it’s really the core of who we are. And it’s the pathway to continuing to define a new culture of hiring. 

Are you the perfect fit for a company like ours? We are always anxious to meet recruiters who share our passion for success and have the grit to launch our mission forward.

 Start Recruiting with Engage!

Our Team

People matter. The Engage team will show you just how great recruiting for the future can be and how much we love what we do.

Rob Deck
Rob Deck

Rob Deck

Co-Founder Leadership & Recruitment rdeck@engagestaff.com
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards gif

Christopher Edwards



Dot King gif

Dot King, CSP

Executive Vice President, Staffing

Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, IT, Supply Chain

Terry Campbell
Terry Campbell gif

Terry Campbell

Vice President, Human Resources



Wendi Eggener
Wendi Eggener gif

Wendi Eggener

Executive Director of Recruitment IT, Healthcare IT, EMR, Finance, Marketing wendi@engagestaff.com
Sharon Hedlund
Sharon Hedlund gif

Sharon Hedlund

Director of Recruitment – Marketing, Digital & Creative Talent Digital Marketing, IT, Creative Talent sharon@engagestaff.com
Margo Jay
Margo Jay gif

Margo Jay

Executive Recruiter EMR & IT Specialist margo@engagestaff.com
Joanne Vanchieri
Joanne Vanchieri gif

Joanne Vanchieri

Executive Recruiter Talent Acquisition for Various Industries joanne@engagestaff.com
Cara Wool
Cara Wool gif

Cara Wool

Executive Recruiter Manufacturing, OEM, HVAC/R, Appliance, Foodservice, Automotive, Material Handling, CPG, and more cara@engagestaff.com
Nicole A. Sawyer
Nicole A. Sawyer gif

Nicole A. Sawyer

Sr. Recruiter / Account Manager Healthcare IT, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity-related IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing nicole@engagestaff.com
Sujaya Nath
Sujaya Nath gif

Sujaya Nath

Director of Recruitment IT, Healthcare IT, Engineering snath@engagestaff.com
Mona Joy
Mona Joy gif

Mona Joy

Director of IT Recruiting Information Technology & Healthcare Information Technology mona@engagestaff.com
Michael Aronowitz
Michael Aronowitz gif

Michael Aronowitz

Account Manager / Recruiter Information Technology, Healthcare IT maron@engagestaff.com

Beth Roth

Director of Digital Transformation


Lynn Radice

Director of Training and Recruitment


Raymond Carlson

Senior Recruiter



John Kearney
John Kearney gif

John Kearney

Recruiter Engineering jkearney@engagestaff.com
Molly Harris Bio Pic

Molly Harris

Senior Technical Recruiter


Kainat Ahmed



Joe Novak




Mary Jane Smith



Thomas Frizalone



Garret Langdo



Syed Rahman



Brian Barwick



Lisa Horowitz



Schadle Bach



Danielle Roach



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