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Securing the Right Staff: Hiring for EPIC Software Support in Hospitals

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Electronic Health Records

Technology is a key component of providing high-quality patient care in the modern healthcare sector. Hospitals are able to streamline their operations, increase care coordination, and improve patient outcomes thanks to electronic health record (EHR) systems like EPIC. But for these systems to reach their full potential, hospitals need to hire the necessary personnel to offer ongoing support and upkeep. We’ll look at the important factors to take into account while employing EPIC software support specialists in hospitals in this blog.

Understanding the Role of EPIC Software Support Staff

The smooth and effective operation of the EHR system within the hospital is the responsibility of the EPIC software support team. This involves duties including preserving system availability, resolving problems, guaranteeing data security, and offering user assistance and training. These specialists are crucial to the system’s successful adoption and utilization, which has a big impact on patient care and outcomes.

Key Considerations for Hiring EPIC Software Support Staff

  1. Technical Competence: The EHR system, its configuration, and the underlying technological framework should be thoroughly understood by the EPIC support team. They must to be knowledgeable on EPIC modules, tools, and applications and capable of recognizing and rapidly and effectively fixing technical problems.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: Strong interpersonal skills are also essential for EPIC software support staff. They must be able to communicate effectively with hospital staff, including clinicians and administrators, to understand their needs and provide timely and effective support. They should also be patient, approachable, and empathetic, as they will be working with individuals who may not be tech-savvy or who may be under significant pressure.
  3. Industry Knowledge: The healthcare industry is highly regulated, with strict compliance requirements around data privacy and security. EPIC software support staff should be well-versed in these regulations and requirements, ensuring that the system is fully compliant at all times. They should also be up-to-date with industry trends and developments, to ensure that the hospital is leveraging the latest technology to enhance patient care.
  4. Experience: Experience with EPIC software support is highly valued in hiring candidates for this role. Hospitals should seek candidates with a track record of success in providing EPIC support, and who have a deep understanding of the system.
  5. Training and Certification: Finally, hospitals should prioritize training and certification when hiring EPIC software support staff. Candidates should have completed the necessary training programs for the EPIC system, demonstrating their commitment to ongoing professional development.


The EPIC software support team is essential to the effective and efficient operation of the hospital’s EHR system. Hospitals may fully utilize EPIC and improve patient care and outcomes. This can happen by appointing the right personnel with the necessary technical, interpersonal, and industry skills and experience. In conclusion, finding people with the necessary technical abilities is only one aspect of hiring for EPIC software support. It’s also important to locate people who recognize the crucial necessity of their job in enhancing patient care.

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