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Refine Your Onboarding Process for Remote Hires

by | Feb 16, 2022 | For Companies, Workplace Culture

Onboarding remote employees is a unique challenge.  Remote workers have different needs than traditional office workers.  If the remote onboarding process isn’t up to par, a hardworking top new hire might decide to walk.  It is time to refine your onboarding process for remote hires.  

Check out these 7 tips to effectively onboard new remote work hires.  Maybe you will spot an area or two that you can concentrate on in the coming months.

1. Send a welcome package.

Who doesn’t love snail mail?!  Consider sending company swag, a gift card, or a handwritten note.  Little touches can go a long way to make your new hire feel welcome and appreciated.

2. Assign Peer Mentors

Having an ally from day one is a must.  Let your current employees shine and set your new hires up for success by pairing them.  You could have a buddy system or create a formal mentor program.  This type of program will help new hires assimilate into the work culture and build meaningful relationships. Monica Bua from Morgan Samuels stresses, “Especially in a remote world, you need to be deliberate about creating opportunities for new hires to build connections and communicate with their colleagues.”

3. Be Consistent

In a previous time, a new hire could pop into a manager’s office if they had a question or concern.  In a remote working world it is vital that you have consistent availability and timely follow-ups.  These onboarding basics are so often overlooked.  A new hire needs to know open communication is prioritized the first week, and beyond.  

4. Host a Virtual Lunch

Consider hosting a virtual lunch. Invite the new hires, managers, HR, etc.  It is important to take the time to get to know a new hire outside of their resume.  Ask fun questions, have some informal chats, share stories.  Try to get out of the robotic processes onboarding can generate.  

5. Curate a List of Top Stakeholders

Hiring managers should create a list of the top stakeholders a new hire will be working within their new role.  It is important to share context.  Answer the why and how of their new relationship.  Encourage meet and greets between the two parties.

6. Invest in Technology

Provide the best experience you can for your employees by investing in technology that will humanize the remote onboarding experience.  This will allow your new hire to engage in the culture, connect with their team and feel supported.  

7. Cater to All Learning Types

People learn by seeing, hearing, reading, writing, and doing.  During a virtual onboarding process, ensure your process caters to different learning styles.  This will help your new employees absorb the information and will allow you to feel confident your message is reaching all new hires.

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