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Movin’ On Up: Common Interview Questions (and Answers!) for a Promotion

by | Nov 14, 2021 | For Companies, Job Hunting

Things are Looking Up! The proverbial knock has come to your door.  It’s your turn to rise up the ranks into a leadership position.  As a top performer, you have proven yourself but you might face stiff competition in the interview for a promotion, internally and externally.  Stand out with these knockout answers for the most common job promotion interview questions.

Question 1: Why are you the best candidate?

Answer:  Express what you have accomplished in your current role citing data to prove your achievements.  Show how you have led collaborative projects with co-workers.  Explain that you have more to offer the company, and mean it.  Explain why you are ready for the next challenge in your career.

Question 2: If selected for the position, what would your leadership style look like?

Answer:  Show what you are capable of as a leader.  Persuade your boss of your ideas for engagement, recognition, underperformance, and teamwork.

Question 3: If promoted, how will you handle your colleagues?

Answer: Acknowledge how the new position will change relationships, especially managing people older than you.  However, don’t shy away from sharing how you will meet with each subordinate to discuss the changes in leadership and how you can help them reach their career goals.

Question 4: What pay increase are you looking for?

Answer: Express your expectations to be paid a salary consistent with current employees at the same level.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their offer.  If you have the ability, gather knowledge on the position budget to base your requested salary raise.

What interview question were you recently asked by your employer looking to promote? We want to hear from you over on our social media channels.

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