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Landing Your IT Hire When Hiring Anyone is Hard

by | May 16, 2022 | For Companies

Attracting and retaining talent during “The Great Resignation” has proved to be a monumental task.  Tech companies continue to navigate supporting a remote workforce while employees take a magnifying glass to their workplace.  In today’s tight market position your organization for hiring success by ensuring you offer four key opportunities.

  1. Strong Company Vision

Companies that aspire to make a difference attract and retain their employees.  Those who feel their efforts matter and that they are contributing to the world are more likely to enjoy their work.  Do you have a strong company vision?  How is it impacting your employee retention?

  1. Mentorship

Mentorship can aid in developing talent by giving workers the chance to sharpen each other’s skills.  Your employees will benefit from working with and learning from their peers.  Whether your company has a formal or informal mentorship program, the camaraderie has a significant impact on employee engagement socially and professionally.  Does your company offer a mentorship program?  Consider establishing teams with complementary skill sets.

  1. Benefits

While your organization needs to remain competitive, offering a high salary is not the only solution.  Often compensation alone is not enough to retain employees.  Benefits can come in the form of flexibility, positive company culture, etc.  Do you take time to ask your employees what they need and want?  What benefits does your organization offer?

  1. Skill Growth

The top technical talent desires to be challenged.  They want to stretch their skills and expand their knowledge.  By offering new tools, new technologies, languages, etc. you address the need for growth.  Valuable employees decide whether to stay with an employer based on an environment that supports their success.  Do you emphasize learning opportunities?  

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