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Stand Out in a Moment’s Time: 3 Tips for Landing Your Next Job Interview

by | Jun 7, 2022 | For Candidates

It takes a matter of seconds for a recruiter to make a decision about hiring you. Whether it is a few seconds scanning a resume or the first few seconds of an interview, the pressure is on you to make an impression quickly.  There is also pressure on hiring managers to fill positions rapidly.  As they quickly examine each application they are looking for those who will be a good hire.  Stand out from the crowd in a moment’s time by implementing these 3 tips.     

1. Is Your Resume Tailored to the Position?

Ensure you make it through the first round of resume reads by matching your resume to the job description.  You want the recruiter to feel compelled to make an informational call.  This means you will have to tweak your resume for every job you apply to.  This is time-consuming but you won’t regret the extra effort.  The goal is to meet the basic required qualifications as your resume is scanned.  Once you get a call and an interview, then you can go into detail and really stand out from the crowd.

2. Do You Have an Interest in the Company?

According to an April article published by ZipRecruiter, around 37% of recent hires in the last 6 months were recruited to their current job.  There is little time to post jobs and wait for candidates to apply.  Proactive outbound recruiting is what many companies are relying on as they hire.  If you are approached about a position, spend a few minutes researching the company and preparing thoughtful questions.  As a candidate, you can stand out by asking questions about the company’s mission and how the job directly fits into those objectives.  

3. Is Your Interview Setup Professional?

Hiring managers take note when potential candidates have a professional setup for virtual interviews.  It may seem excessive, but dress professionally and appropriately for the role you seek.  A good rule to follow is to put in as much effort for the virtual interview as you would for an in-person interview.  You may not walk into the room and shake hands, but how you conduct yourself and how your space appears can aid or hinder your chances to advance to the next round of interviews.

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