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Five Words That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Job Search

by | Jun 13, 2020 | For Candidates, Job Hunting

Recently begun the daunting task of finding a new job? You’ve probably heard all the advice you can take on “leverage your network” or “tidy up your resume”… while that advice may hold some value, we believe that job seeking is highly unique to each individual. The process from start to finish of placing individuals in new careers is different based on a variety of factors. From industry to timeline, the path from application to first day on the job is unique. 

Not all job searches are the same. 


Job seekers are so caught up in conveying a certain message and image to the employer that they often fail to listen.


Far too often job seekers apply for any and every job that just might have a 1% chance of being a fit. Instead, focus on applying well to a few jobs that really relate to your experience and skillset. 


When was the last time you practiced for an interview and actually thought “I got this!” … reality is, we all could use a little self-confidence. 


Similar to that tip about actually taking the time to listen to an employer in an interview, it is essential to be quiet when it comes to oversharing about your prior employment experiences that have gone bad. 

Thank you.

Ok, we snuck in an extra word! Gratitude for an interview goes such a long way! There is a surplus of example thank you emails to send following an interview. Don’t skip this vital step in the interview process.

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