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Engage: Sharon Hedlund

by | May 28, 2021 | Workplace Culture

Did they get my “desk” at first. Hell no, but 3 years of interviewing with Engage I made the leap and never looked back.

See I was the smart girl with the funky outfits and eclectic vibes. Being creative, this place gets me. Finally, no more corporate modules, I’m working with real people who are smart and funny, passionate and work their tails off… and oh my, all the different personalities. Like the Brady bunch we are.

 My story- This girl is originally from Bklyn. You see I spent most of my life in the music business and making TV commercials and voiceovers for network television.

After a sticky divorce and finding myself a single mom (living in the south. Long story…) Yup, and trying to figure out what do I want to be now when I grow up and reinvent myself… A year of making ends meet, working in a bridal shop, cleaning houses…

Anyway, this wonderful southern woman approaches me in the Grocery store and says, ” Oh my goodness you look like a dark haired Barbie doll. What do you do for a living darlin?” I said, “I don’t know.” She said, “Why don’t you come work for me? I own a staffing agency.” and so I did.

It was an opportunity that would be a game-changer. Working on national accounts and learning this recruitment trade from the ground up. I mean come on, who besides other recruiters knew what recruiting was? (Until very recently maybe.) I was hooked and never looked back.

My ex called and said listen, move back to NY so we can co-parent. Hmmm… maybe it was time, 2 years in the south learning this trade… daughter close to her father. Ok! Adecco had posted a need for a recruiter, I called, got the branch manager on the horn, flew in and holly cow they hired me! 3 years in Corporate Adecco, 2 with a smaller agency, and then Engage Partners came knocking… who by the way… the owners worked at one of my previous agencies.  At 1st I didn’t get it… Where were the modules and someone telling me when I could go to lunch or take a bathroom break or asking me to work on business that had completely no interest for me?

3 years of interviewing with Engage I made the leap and never looked back. 7 plus years here. Did they get my “desk” at first. Hell no, but here I am thriving as a Director of Marketing and Creative Recruitment. They simply stood behind me and that meant everything to me. Tools and knowledge and the ability to have a voice… it was my recipe for success.

So many desks, Healthcare IT, Engineering, IT, Marketing, HR…. and we all pitch in. Everyone works together! When that email goes out (Position Filled!) everyone chimes in. “Way to go! Congrats! Great job! 

Our VP decorates the office – Shamrocks, Valentines, Menorahs, Christmas trees, we swap stories and talk strategy in the conference room and walk the halls even strategizing. We have the latest software for talent tracking and owners who pick up the phone when you need their advice or assistance (or just to talk.)

The future for me? I think I’m just getting started…

For opportunities to join our team contact rdeck@engagestaff dot com. We look forward to meeting you!

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