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Engage Partners Virtual Interview Checklist

by | Oct 14, 2021 | For Candidates

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the authors analyzed 513 video recordings of remote interviews from 2020.  Data was collected on the recruiter and participant responses, the interview process, aesthetics and participant engagement.  Not surprisingly, 80% of those job candidates who did not receive an offer appeared to be “distracted, failed to engage their recruiter in a meaningful way, or seemed as though they were reading from a script.” 

On the other hand, 90% of job candidates who did receive a job offer seemed to have mastered the virtual interview.  Based on research by the authors, the successful candidates had four things in common: they had established a space for the interview, prepared for the unexpected, rehearsed, and did not read from a script.  Based on these commonalities the authors of this virtual interviewing research organized four well-thought-out tips. 

We’ve turned these 4 tips into a simple checklist so you can put your best foot forward at your next virtual interview. 

If you want to read more in-depth about the research, check out the full article here.

  • Space is clean
  • Space is well lit (light yourself from the front)
  • Space has an uncluttered background
  • Conduct an internet upload speed test 
  • Master the platform being used for the interview
  • Create brief,organized notes in two or three headings
  • Have notes in sight during the interview
  • Practice your interview with a friend or family member
  • Speaking pace is easy for to follow
  • Use hand gestures
  • Turn off video monitoring (this ensures you won’t look at yourself on the screen and you can have excellent eye contact during the interview)
  • Formulate 2 – 3 questions to ask about the team and the culture 
  • Research your interviewer on LinkedIn and Google 
  • Take note of common interests

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