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6 of the Most In-Demand AI Jobs

by | Jun 15, 2021 | For Candidates, Job Hunting

Visit our website and you will see we too are fond of all that AI can offer and how it enhances the recruitment strategies we have in place that help make our business run.  

We often say… “Your job search starts here. With our AI technology and team of strong recruiters, finding a job with Engage is faster and more efficient. Whatever your career goals are? We know how to help make them happen.”…

Our team of recruiters, their experience and skills are proven, but with the boost of AI in our recruitment, things are taken to the next level. 

From time to time over the last decade, everyone from politicians to actors to teachers have joked that at some point our jobs will all be done by robots. Today, Oxford University researchers estimate that 47% of all current US employment is at high risk to become automated over the next decade or so. Nervous yet? 

Of the 1.8 million jobs AI will get rid of, the emerging field will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020, according to a report from Gartner. So here we are… 2.3 million jobs that need qualified AI engineers, technicians, and scientists. 

While we’ve seen the benefits AI provides within the recruitment industry, our own team, and day to day work, we know it’s important to place candidates in roles that will continue to engineer these types of technologies. 

(Cue in three cheers for AI… hip, hip. hooray!)

We’ve rounded up six of the most sought after AI jobs today: 

1. Machine learning engineer – $140,000

Example job posting: Machine learning engineer, recommendations for Pinterest

2. Data scientist – $140,000

Example job posting: Data scientist

3. Research scientist – $135, 000

Example job posting: Senior research scientist, deep learning

4. R&D engineer

Example job posting: Research Scientist R&D Engineer – Speech Processing/Recognition

5. Business intelligence developer – $135,000

Example job posting: Business intelligence engineer

6. Computer vision engineer – $130,000

Example job posting: Computer vision research engineer

Prepare to find an AI job

So the question remains, how can YOU land a job in AI or robotics in the coming days? Beyond having the standard skillset and education there are other ways to become a viable candidate for these lucrative careers. Whether working in a related field or not, jump in on gaining some experience to help your job search. 

  1. Explore online courses. Learn more about the AI field or learn a specific skill with an online course. Whether you become certified or just more knowledgeable in the end, the benefits of further education can’t harm you. 
  2. Find your people. The best way to break into the world of AI is similar to seeking a career in any field – network! From finding meetups with local data scientists trying to collaborate to solve key problems to happy hours that help you meet AI engineers, the world of networking awaits you. 
  3. Start reading. Experts agree: Individuals working in AI should always be learning, and reading. Read not just in your own interested areas, but all the related areas. 
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