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3 Tips for Handling the Healthcare IT Staffing Shortage Amid a Pandemic

by | Sep 4, 2020 | For Companies

As we continue in a pandemic that’s now surpassed 6 months of our lives, the shortage of staffing in a number of industries is growing and becoming increasingly obvious to the general public. One of the greatest industries facing staffing challenges? Information Technology. Specifically, Healthcare IT. It’s believed that by 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, according to one recent estimate. With an increase in demand, we can expect to see a surplus of opportunities—and choices of what roles to accept—for job seekers in the IT world.

As we continue to see the demand for healthcare IT professionals grow, our role comes becomes ever more clear: to match exceptional job candidates with leading businesses, hospitals, and healthcare companies who thrive on top talent.

With the need for talent on the rise, how can you have an edge above your competitors when it comes to landing top IT professionals? We’ve rounded up a few ideas to get your hiring process started.

Offer flexible work environments.
Welcome to the new workplace – it’s dining room tables, co-working spaces, home offices, and the like. Amid COVID-19 we’ve seen a worldwide work from home experiment launch and be well, successful. For many businesses offering flexible work environments and expectations for office hours has become increasingly common. However, for some healthcare IT roles, remote work just isn’t an option… but companies can still provide flexible work environments. Maybe it’s in the actual workplace or expectation of typical office hours. Job candidates will more than ever before be weighing the pros and cons of companies and their workplace culture when it comes to accepting an offer.

Evaluate compensation plans to be even more competitive.
When it comes to having an edge above your competition, one thing we’ve heard from job candidates on why they did or didn’t select a job was related to the pay… and we’re not talking the salary. We know from interviewing countless job candidates that they want to be paid promptly and without hassles. Whether on a weekly bi-weekly payment cycle and with a direct deposit option. The way you pay matters just as much as how much you pay.

Find a partner who can reach candidates nationwide.
Truth is, your next hire is only as good as the candidates who apply… and sometimes just getting qualified candiates to apply is a hard enough task. It’s time you engage with real people, not just resumes. The process of placing candidates within your company with Engage Partners is stress-free and can be as hands-on or off as you’d prefer. Our recruiters are trained, experienced, and passionate about ensuring you have an exceptional hiring experience that delivers long-lasting hires to help move your business forward. Our team of forward-thinking recruiters combine the latest AI technology and decades of experience to bring you the talent you need.

We’re not just after placing candidates, we work to place the right candidate the first time. Whether looking to place one candidate or an entire team, our talent pool consistently provides high interview to hire ratios and matchless retention rates.