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3 Straight Forward Tips to Break Into the Competitive Medical Field

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you are interested in a career in the medical or healthcare IT field, you’re tapping into an industry with great need. Following many months of a pandemic, every aspect of our healthcare system and medical organizations both large and small are feeling the strains of retention and hiring hardships. The medical field is highly competitive.  The sheer scope of professional healthcare opportunities can be overwhelming to even the most veteran member of the workforce.  Whether you are a recent graduate or have years of experience but are seeking a career change, you may be asking yourself, where do I start?  The best way to get yourself noticed, get your foot in the door, and beat out your competition is by getting ahead (Think: Apply today!).  It’s time to take intentional actions to narrow your path to land your new job. We’ve rounded up three super straightforward tips to break into the medical or healthcare IT field so whether you’re looking for a software developer role or a patient-facing care coordinator, you can get started today.


Traditional application and interview processes can be overwhelming and take time.  Invest in your future and partner with a quality medical or healthcare IT staffing agency.  They can aid in research and offer advice to ensure you do not end up in a field with which you are unsatisfied.  Employment services remove the excess stress from onboarding and pre-hiring so take advantage of specialized services.   

Stand Out

Potential employers often scan applications to narrow the pool before scheduling interviews.  Does your resume stand out?  One way to stand out in the medical or healthcare IT field is to show skills that would aid in a transfer of positions.  You may be currently working in a field outside your desired career path.  Skills such as IT and finance experience directly correlate with health care tasks and responsibilities.  Don’t rule out skills that you think “don’t fit”.  They might be what helps you stand out from the crowd.


It is vital that you seek out mentorship.  Look to those who you hope to emulate; a role model.  Connect yourself with professionals who can support you and offer networking possibilities.  Be open and honest so they can best help you.  Also, be open to having multiple mentors.  Different mentors can offer different things as you step into your new career path.  Having someone who can listen, relate and be supportive as you navigate this process is a key to success.

Ready to dive in? With Engage Partners, the best step is to complete a talent profile here online.

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