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Building an EPIC Team: Recruiting and Hiring for Hospital EHR Systems

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Electronic Health Records, For Companies

Any hospital or healthcare organization’s success depends on its electronic health record (EHR) systems. They enhance care coordination, give clinicians crucial patient information, and lower error rates. As a result, building a strong and effective team to manage EHR systems is essential. We’ll talk about some top recruiting and hiring techniques for hospital EHR systems in this blog.

Identify the Necessary Skill Set:

Before beginning the recruitment process, it’s important to identify the skill set necessary for success in the role. The ideal candidate will have a combination of technical skills, healthcare experience, and strong communication skills. They should be knowledgeable in EHR system implementation, support, and maintenance. Additionally, they should have experience working in healthcare settings and be able to communicate effectively with clinicians and other stakeholders.

Create a Job Description:

The job description is the first impression that potential candidates will have of your organization and the role. Therefore, it’s important to create a detailed and compelling job description that accurately reflects the job requirements, responsibilities, and desired qualifications. Be sure to include information about the hospital’s mission, values, and culture, as well as the opportunities for growth and advancement.

Advertise the Position:

It’s crucial to market the post widely in order to draw the top applicants. the hospital’s website, employment boards, and social media channels should all post the job description. To further spread the news about the opportunity, think about contacting professional groups and other healthcare organizations.

Screening Candidates:

Once you receive applications, it’s time to begin screening candidates. This involves reviewing resumes and cover letters and conducting initial phone screenings. Look for candidates who meet the required qualifications and have a passion for healthcare and technology. Additionally, assess their communication skills and their ability to work in a team environment.

Conduct Interviews:

It’s time to conduct interviews after screening. Start by asking candidates about their knowledge of and experience with managing EHR systems during a structured interview. Then, use behavioral questions to appraise their propensity for problem-solving and capacity for teamwork. Finally, arrange for them to meet with other team members to determine how well they would fit in.

Check References:

Before making a job offer, it’s important to check the candidate’s references. Speak with previous employers and colleagues to confirm the candidate’s skills, experience, and work ethic.

Make the Offer:

It’s time to extend the offer if you’ve located the ideal individual. Make careful to convey the offer’s specifics, such as the starting pay, benefits, and start date. Additionally, convey the requirements for the position and the chances for development and promotion inside the company.


Recruiting and hiring for hospital EHR systems requires a combination of technical skills and healthcare experience. By following these best practices, you can build an EPIC team that is passionate about improving patient care and driving the success of the organization.