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5 Ways You Know You’ve Found the Right Candidate

by | Jul 2, 2021 | For Companies, Job Hunting

As recruiters we are aware of the many red flags to avoid when it comes to placing candidates in a variety of verticals… but do you?! Showing up late, trash-talking former employers, avoiding hard conversations… there are a number of red flags. As hiring expects we far too often focus on ensuring we catch the red flags in interviews we miss the signs that a candidate is the right one! As a business owner, you too may have experienced the same struggle when interviewing candidates for your open positions.

Here’s a breakdown of five quick ways we think you may just know you’ve found the right candidate! No reg flags here!

Informed Candidates

When was the last time you interviewed a candidate who had truly done their research on not only your organization but their potential role? Candidates can bring years of experience in a specific industry, but finding a candidate who is willing to study and apply that experience to your open role is a key factor to look for when evaluating which hire would be best.

Excited Candidates

Passion, excitement, and a zeal for work is something that cannot be taught to new employees. An excited candidate is a strong candidate. Whether it’s excitement for the specific role or working within a specific organization, candidates who are eager to work from the get-go perform better in the long run.

Honest Candidates

Nothing spoils a team or workplace more than a candidate who can’t be trusted. Trust comes from honesty. It’s normal to need to build that trust with each new employee, but follow your gut! Sometimes it knows when an individual just is not someone who in the long run can be trusted fully.

Candidates who can Communicate Effectively.

Communication is key, right? It’s no secret that a candidate who can communicate not only effectively but well (correct grammar, spelling, etc.) is a major step towards elevating your team’s output!

If you’re looking for the right candidate the first time, our team is ready to partner with you! The process to placing candidates within your company is stress-free and can be as hands-on or off as you’d prefer. Our recruiters are trained, experienced and passionate about ensuring you have an exceptional hiring experience that delivers long-lasting hires to help move your business forward.

What personal traits and characteristics have you seen in the right candidate?

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