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Why effective workplace communication is so important

by | Jun 24, 2020 | For Companies, Workplace Culture

Communication is key… right? When it comes to our daily lives or the relationships we have with our friends, family, and colleagues, communication matters. Now let’s explore how to achieve effective workplace communication.

Communication within the workplace has dramatically shifted as technology continues to advance. Gone are many of the days of lengthy meetings to discuss project status or planning as many businesses have moved to use online communication tools which help track not only their goals but progress too. 

When it comes to upping your communication within the workplace, here are a few key takeaways to consider. Some you might be able to implement today and others can come into play in the coming weeks. 

Get your team communicating on the same channel. 

Are you bogged down with hundreds of emails that are one question or line from varying team members all about the same project? It might be time to streamline your team’s communication into a platform that helps project management. Some of our favorites include Microsoft Teams or Slack. These project-based discussion boards help to keep everyone engaged in the latest happenings and eliminate excess emails. A double win. 

Learn to ask questions. 

The only dumb question is the question not asked, right? Asking questions not only shows that you are engaged and listening but that you are seeking clarity to ensure you understand what’s being communicated. Make sure your questions relate specifically to what is being said. Don’t change the subject by asking questions about a totally different topic.

Handle conflicts face to face when at all possible. 

Nothing stings worse than an email that throws you under the bus. Conflict happens in every relationship and in every workplace – it’s not the first time there have been two people who disagree. The key to conquering the conflict? Effective workplace communication. While it may seem easier to just slam back an email, face-to-face resolution of conflicts is shown to be far more effective and even provide a resolution quicker. While we too love the opportunity that technology provides for quick and seamless communication in a variety of ways, we can’t forget the benefit of face-to-face communication plays in our lives too.  Did you know the majority of meaning during a conversation comes from nonverbal gestures and facial expressions, it is easier to decipher the meaning behind what a person says when communicating face-to-face. When gestures and smiles are taken out of the equation, recipients can get the wrong idea – especially if the person isn’t the most articulate writer. Don’t forget to consider the importance of communication that happens face-to-face even when it might mean a bit of extra time to do so. Overall, it might just make your communication in a virtual environment even stronger.

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