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Industry: Healthcare IT

Job Type: Full Time

JobTitle: Disaster Recovery Systems Analyst

Location City: Johnson City

Location State: TN

Location Country: US

Salary Offered: Year: $70,000+

Job Description: SCOPE OF POSITION The Business Systems Analyst will act as a liaison between Information Systems and our customers. They are responsible for maintenance and development of applications necessary to meet the needs of MSHA. In addition, the Business Systems Analyst will provide on-going support and enhancements to the systems once they are placed into production. This individual will be the Information Systems Department representative to the MSHA department(s) responsible for analyzing and designing systems to meet user needs; installing new releases; training users on use of system features; documenting training manuals and troubleshooting documentation; and working closely with the department system administrators to troubleshoot problems that occur during daily operations. The Business Systems Analyst will work with the system administrators from each of the facilities to determine optimal solutions and propagate best practices. They must possess good verbal and written communication skills. It is vital that an individual in this position have strong communication skills and that written communication is legible. The Business Systems Analyst must possess initiative, sound judgment and high aptitude for organization and attention to detail required carrying out job duties . The desire to provide exceptional customer service is required. Above average intelligence is necessary to comprehend and solve problems. REPORTING RELATIONSHIP This position reports directly to the appropriate IS Manager / Corporate Director, then the CIO / VP of Information Systems and is expected to follow the Chain of Command. Works under guidance of the Senior Systems Analyst, Project Manager and/or Database Administrator . EDUCATION: This position requires an Associate Degree or Bachelor''s Degree, preferably in Healthcare, Business or Computer Science. EXPERIENCE: Seven or more years experience in system support, design and analysis or successful demonstrated performance in a position of similar duties will be given consideration.

Job Requirements:

Experience: 2+

Keywords: disaster recovery, disaster recovery business continuity, information systems, information systems manager

Date: 2018-11-12

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